Chia Seeds

Posted by admin on October 26th, 2007 at 06:22pm

Chia seeds bind to toxins and carry them out of the body, assist in lowering cholesterol, and help with hydration. I add 1 tablespoon to my green smoothie everyday. They don’t alter the flavor of foods so chia seeds can be added to just about anything.  To make chia gel: Soak 1/3 cup chia seeds in 2 cups of water, stir and put in fridge.  This gel will last up to two weeks.

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    […] Chia seeds are a dieter’s dream food because they add bulk to foods without altering flavor.  Not only that but 1 tablespoon of these hydrating and nutrient-rich seeds have the ability to sustain a person for 24 hours! […]

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