October 26th, 2007 at 08:51am Under Juicing

Beet Drink

This is the combination my mother used to lower her cholesterol from 300 mg/dL to 171 mg/dL naturally!!!

1/2 large beet or one small beet

3 carrots

1/2 cucumber (peeled if not organic)

1 apple (seeds removed)

1 celery stalk

1 small piece fresh ginger (optional)

Calcium Drink

Broccoli and parsley are both very good sources of calcium

1/2 cup broccoli

small handful of parsley

4 carrots

1 small apple (seeds removed)

Pink Lemonade

One of my personal favorites!

4 red apples (seeds removed)

1/4 of a lemon (unpeeled)

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